Quick Paycheck is a great small tool which will help you to calculate your potential paycheck. It lets you choose how you getting paid such as W2 or 1099 and select Hourly Rate or Salary as payroll type. The App will also calculate your Federal and State taxes based on allowances as well as Social Security and Medicare withholdings.


Imagine if you could tell people how you actually meant your book to sound, wouldn't that be great? So, now it's possible! It doesn't really matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, Audiobook Author is for you. Just let your thought flow and let our App do everything else. It is not just a fancy audio recorder; Audiobook Author presents the user with the complete set of tools required for seamless writing process and technical features for sharing, back up, and multi-device synchronization.
iCloud sync is one of the key features of this App. All you need to do is log-in to iCloud in device settings. If you have several iOS devices with the same account you will see all your records on all of those devices. For example, it is very easy to start recording a chapter of your book on iPhone and continue on iPad.
Dropbox sharing is another great feature that you can find useful if you need to share a note or entire chapter of your book. We had implemented Dropbox log-in functionality directly into an App making sharing as easy as possible.


Quick Mortgage is a simple and efficient tool that will simplify your real estate research by calculating mortgage payment for your future house! Just enter House Price, Interest Rate, and Down Payment if any. Also, you have an option to enter Property Tax, Home and Mortgage Insurance.


Quick Auto Loan allows users to calculate monthly payments for an auto loan by entering Vehicle Price, Down Payment, and Trade-In information. 
There are five loan term options that you can choose from by tapping at the top of the screen: 2 years or 24 months/3 years or 36 months/4 years or 60 months/ 5 years or 72 months. 
By dragging Interest Rate slider you can select desired loan Interest Rate anywhere from 0 to 45% and similarly you can change the sales tax rate from 0 to 10%.
At the bottom of the screen you can see a monthly payment and total interest paid which are automatically calculated based on the values entered above.